New thoughts…

“Enjoy your life cAuse u aiN‘t gonna get out of it Alive”

Steve Jobs emphasized oN always living your life as though each Day is your last.. Because he understood the meaning each day had. He’d gone on the path of death and managed to veer off from it before cancer took his life. Life is short no ? I mean ok we get say 70 years on Earth .. in those 70 years some ISRO who had came to our school ,said the amount of useful time we hav is less than a tenth of out lives… Im not too sure on those statistics though.. In that much time how many of us actually do something useful to humanity or the Earth ? How many of us have felt that we’ve truly lived our life ?

Is life worth living if u dont actually live but just survive ? Should we choose to end our life if we  just survive ? Or should we think that we would be selfish to do that .. that we’d hurt those near and dear to us too much if we did that… I guess it would be better to end the purposeless struggle and the monotony that sets in ,in some peoples lives..

But think of the parents of that person who chose to end his life because he felt was of no use to the world and that he was only an embarrassment … I weep for that person … He didn’t deserve such a life.. But he could have made a conscious choice to change and never go back to who he was .. At least those ‘ near and dear ones ‘ could choose to understand what was happening in that guy’s mind.. You can’t just blame someone without thought.. Its like condemning someone to jail without knowing the case…

Suicide is not the modicum of the weak … it is the mode of communication of the powerful .. At least for some.. They choose to say that im not going to do this anymore.. im not going to let these people suffer because of me anymore… These people are martyrs to their line of thought… For many though … Its only a mode of escape .. These people are weak .. But we should always remember that even we were weak when we were kids .. These people who are weak could grow.. Unlike kids ..they wont grow in the body but in the mind…

In the US a novel project called the ‘Yellow ribbon project’ was started a few years back.. It tells those who feel they should commit suicide to just talk about it..There are people ready to listen to them..Its saved thousands of lives to date..

I know i contradicted myself several times in the article .. But its because i dont no wat to think now…Something happened that confused me..And made me wonder whether this life is worth living for those people who no they arent doing anything with the gift of life given to them ..For anyone who has thought of suicide..Remember that you werent brought to life so you could kill yourself..You dont no wats on the other side either so .. Just think about it..  Life might just be better… 🙂

That advert which says “its your life .. live it large” (Seagrams or something)..Makes so much sense..


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