The Open 10K Run

A beautiful day and an even better event awaited me on the morning of May 31st. The Sunfeast Open Run, for bangaloreans and true athletes occurred that day.I had deemed myself fit enough to participate in the Open 10 where i had to run 10 km .

Just thinking about it excited me to no end.So , to build up my stamina i ran, on an average , 3 km daily.On several days i even managed to run 8 km without breaking a sweat ( figuratively,literally i just meant that i didnt faint after returning home … 😀 ). By the time the last Sunday of May faced me,i felt fairly confident i could run the entire 10k.

On race-day,me and mum set out fairly early,hoping to be one of the early birds who caught a parking spot . The run began at 8:10 and i hoped to be at the starting line by 8:00,jumping around and getting warmed up. But it was not to be as we spent an enormous amount off time searching for a place to park .Every road seemed to be blocked off , and to make it worse we had a booked parking spot at UB city, which was in the middle of where the run was to take place.My mother finally decided to drop me off at the nearest point to the starting point and hunt for a parking spot solo .

I ended up reaching the enclosement from which you had to go to the starting line, at 8:10.I decided not to waste any more time and bolted over the fence which seperated me from the starting line.A truly unique way to start a run i must say ! Because of which i gave myself a thigh cramp(which i didnt realise at all at the time) which lasted a week, wasted a lot of energy and damaged my phone simultaneously.I started the run at 8:22. I met up with guys from the previous batches of NHVPS whom i knew but i didnt meet them again until the end of the run.

At the outset i had to keep elbowing past people so that i could keep up my speed , in the process i lost a considerable amount of energy.I think this and the fence-hopping were the two factors which prevented me from running the whole 10 kilometres. Until around 5 km the adrenaline coursing through my body, my compettitive spirit,the music playing at full volume in my ears and built up stamina kept me going at a berserk pace.But then i had to slow down after the 5k mark and even walk for a few hundred metres. After that i ended up walking then subsequently wasting the energy built up from the walking by spring. I continued this ‘modus operandi’ for a while before settling a slow jog till the 9k mark. After which i used every ounce of energy left in me to run the last kilometer.Along the way the participants were provided with glucose water, which turned out to be life-savers since you really need to stay hydrated on such a run.

I completed the run in just under 51 minutes . I recieved refreshments from the run crew and was reunted with the nhvps guys. After receiving my participation certificat i spent the rest of the day in bliss at my completion of the run.However my exertions caught up with me at the end of the day and i was exhausted. I slept through the evening and felt better only by mmorning….

On the whole, the run was exciting and truly exhilarating.It was one of the high points of my lfe till date… 🙂


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