Turnin 17 …

I’ve finally turned 17…Yay !!

But then i wonder what there is to actually rejoice about..Hav i accomplished something great in life …Hav i changed the world in some way…That i can actually be happy that another year of my life is spent..Well ok…At the very least in another year i can vote and drive a car …But anything else ?…Nothin…For some reason , on a day i should be celebratin…i see no reason to do so…I still will of course…

But i feel like an insignificant speck among 6 billion people who has just spent another year of his life on Earth..

A bit too philosophical i guess…But i cant help but retrospect on what good things have happened in my life … I got potty trained… 😀 …I learned to walk..I learned to ride a tricycle and how to bang into a pole by not trying to aim for it (ouch ! …that must’ve hurt..thankfully i dont remember it)….I got my first scar by falling off a chair…I attempted a getaway on my dad’s scooter ( 😀 ) and ended up breaking my ankle for my trouble…When i was 7 i experienced the delights of a cordless phone , i walked around on the street outside talkin on it … i was so proud that my dad could buy such stuff in the US…..I saw the ‘modern,developed world’ when i went to the US to join my dad there wen i was 8..I found out that Anirudh should be pronounced “Aaneeru”..I visited different places in the US and enjoyed my time there before it was cut short since my dad was transferred back to India…Then i joined DPS …And realised that my tummy had a couple of extra inches on it… I guess i sorta had fun in DPS…not the whole time but some of it at least…I made some great friends there too…

Then…I finally did something that got me recognised by people…Quite a few people at least…I got 96% in my tenth board and everyone said that was really good and i was verry verry full of myself….Of course 11th blew that balloon…For 11th i joined national hill view public school…and for all its formalities and discipline and procedure it turned out to be a really good school…My whole class really welcomed me with open arms and hearts…Thanks to all of u guys 🙂 … I loved my first year in the school and hopefully made a difference somewhere and somehow or the other ended up the vice captain too…Probably the worst one the school’ll ever have…But i’ll leave my mark somehow…

Now..This year is supposed to be the most important year of anyone’s school lives..Maybe i’ll do some good in it..

I guess i’ve had a pretty fun life and i’ll make sure nothing ever makes it ‘un’fun !!


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