Long time…No Write :D

Its been a long time since i last blogged and it feels good to finally be doing it again.Yea,@whoever bothers to read any of my blogs…none of u has bothered givin me any ideas of how to spend my holidays..I’m diasappointed 😦 …. Anyway the end of the school year was pretty uneventful…And one of the few changes was that a new person was now givin the commands in assembly…Who else but Apoorva,our school captain…Just an innocent observation : shes definitely the shortest school captain our school has ever had ! :)… (And ever since i said – wen we were introduced to the school- “I’ll do anything she doesn’t “…i’ve been haunted by those words..ugh… I’m expected to do anythin she doesnt which pretty much sums up to me askin Princy to give us more Games periods !)

So then in the last month of school ,our teachers tried to drain out all the work that they could from us before we got a chance to rejuvenate in the holidays..Though that rejuvenation has not looked like its gonna happen at all now that i’m in the middle of the hols.Every week we were pounded wit test after test, and becaus of it school grew really tiring after just a few days of twelfth.Our new classroom is a nice change,though i initially liked it only for the view it afforded me from the window … And we have a great class teacher now – Anita ma’am,no offence to Pamela ma’am but after a month with Anita ma’am as our class teacher i definitely like her way more.

Our holidays started on April 10th..and i didnt even attend the last day of school because i was sick.I had fever through the last week of school and i didnt get to wish anyone a sarcastic “Happy Holidays”..Well that pretty much meant that i had a slight extension to my holidays ..Like it really made a difference since all i did was eat and sleep..and listen to music.And for me it wasn’t really like the summer vacation at all since BASE had already restarted and now i really had to get serious …i guess i am…Way more serious about getting into IIT than i was last year…I’ve been trying to postpone the inevitable by not yet having started studying for the IITJEE , everyone says its necessary to start a year before the exam or u cant manage a good rank…

My holidays actually had a pretty good beginning wit me meeting up wit my DPS friends , we went out and watched Fast and the Furious 4.The best part was that it was ‘A’ rated ( god knows why though) and yet, all i had to say was that i had passed my 2nd PU board and they let me through..Haha…Kinda proves i am still a teenager since i get highs from doing such lame things…A few days later i met up wit Vineet and we had a good time for a day…I had my first base test of second year a few days back and did well so right now i’m feeling rather full of myself . I dono wen that balloon is gonna be punctured..Thats it for now..I think i’ll put up a review of Fast and the furious 4 for the hec of it …Soon…


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