The end of an eventful 11th…

Eleventh standard has ended , well not until i get my report card on March 2nd but in my head its ended anyway. Woo hoo !!

Yea so then..on seventh, i think, we held a farewell party for the twelfths.That was pretty fun..We had them running all over school on an ‘amazing race ‘ kind of game then we sat in a small orchard kinda place in front of school and just had some fun..It was pretty good..

They were blessed on Valentine’s day along with the tenths on the annual blessing ceremony of school,Aashirvachan.They were given mementoes and had to light a lamp each.Then the new captain was chosen…and pretty much all of had predicted who it was …Apoorva !(yay…go apoorva !!:)).And in a strange quirk of fate they decided to name me the vice captain of school…Now this was actually a surprise..Anyway after the programme we had a tearful  parting… I didn’t know most of the twelfths very well except Pavana, so, besides her, there’s nobody i’ll miss particularly..But one thing’s for sure they were a great batch …I barely knew the tenths so i cant comment on them..

The school with all exams ..were relatively boring..There was loads to study and yet i couldn’t resist watching TV for at least 3 hours everyday…The exams went well for me at least ..though i did mess up maths a bit ..but no problem a new year is starting and all these exams are officially of the past ( again , only in my head ,caus they aren’t actually ‘of the past’ till i get my marks).Right now i’m feeling bored in a short vacation our school decided to give before what could be the worst year of my ,as yet,short life …I dont no wat to do these hols(except play b’ball) so anybody with any ideas pls tell me…


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