I wrote this report on the annual prize giving ceremony of NHVPS.It is kinda boring but read it anyway…

A salute to our achievers..

Early morning at ten ’o’ clock ,saw students and parents of prize winners fill up the quadrangle of NHVPS. Even ex-students had  come for this occasion, some, to be honoured and some, to honour. The program commenced with a prayer sung by the school choir followed by a Sanskrit shloka recitation.

The School committee members, Principal ma’am, and the Chief Guest, Mr.Sajdeepak Arora, were welcomed with bouquets. Principal ma’am then took the stage and elucidated upon the achievements of her students. The achievements have been of such magnitude that Principal ma’am was unable to stop.The Chief Guest spoke next and inspired all the students to achieve more and conquer greater heights.(In some places i didnt realise what was going on…i kinda switched off so i found out only later what happened.)

Then,it was the students turn to elaborate on who achievers were, and in four different languages, Sanskrit, English, Hindi and in Kannada.(I spoke during this actually.I said some  speech on achievers and all that they are.A mite boring perhaps but it was pretty fun too.Though while talking my throat kept getting stuck and i kept swallowing in between.Dono why that happened.)After they finished sharing their thoughts , the show truly began.

Students from first to twelth were rewarded for their academic excellence. And those duty-bound students who hadn’t missed a single day of the school year were honoured with 100% attendance awards. The toppers in tenth were Karthik, Nithya and Aparna. They were awarded books by Base and gift certificates from school. A rolling trophy was given to Karthik and one to Gajapathy Raju.

Finally, ex-students were asked to share their thoughts on their alma mater and academics. The programme was concluded with the national anthem.








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