Base over ….Or is it ???

Base for eleventh got over on 25th of January.That was the day of the last exam.I’d thought i’d done great in it but it turns out i got only 38 %…though thats actually my highest in all three final tests for this year. The second year of base is all set to start on the 16th of march.My final rank in Base was 69 th and you know..I’m pretty sure i’ll get into IIT but i wanna make sure i get into the one I want. For that i have to aim for getting in the top 100 of the IITJEE. I’m a really lazy guy and to get in the top 100 you hav to either struggle struggle struggle to get through or you have to be exceedingly smart.

Now the problem is that i’m neither the second nor can i manage the first so i really have to get cracking and make myself a bit of the second if i’m gonna get close to my goal…Hey..Theres still a year to go so no worries yet people…:)


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