‘Rock On’ ROCK ON !!

The movie was terrific.The plot was absorbing , acting above par,and it had a decent script . But what deserved the accolades was the editing . That was indeed immaculate. The story flows from one scene to the next like a series of well oiled gears turning together in synchronization. The movie has a ‘feel-god’ factor and you are left with a feeling of joy after watching the movie. The music. It was really worth going to the theater just to listen to the music at 1000 watts of power. All the tunes correspond  to the theme of the movie very well and are definitely worth a listen .I enjoyed the movie ….. well that’s an understatement …. I felt the movie was awesome…. And for all those who haven’t yet watched the movie ….. WATCH IT ….See it , feel for it , comprehend it and most of all enjoy it !!!  








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