My Holidays – Dasera Oct 2007

Not too eventful . . . But really fun . . These holidays were to be used for studying . . but as is my way i wasn’t able to make full use of the free time i got . . . The first week of the holidays i spent whiling away my rime in front of tv , a book or the comp occasionally . . . I have my base exam after another two weeks and i was supposed to be preparing for it . And there’s another exam next month for a scholarship. . . So all my work is piling up . . . oh . . and theres a quiz sometime after two weeks . . . my only consolation was that i did pretty well at my first semester exams . . not great but i at least got a 98 in maths which is 1 less than my board marks . . same in english . . . 1 less than my board marks that is . . . In the first week i was able to spend loads of time with my mom so that was great . We went and watched the movie “Rock on ” at inox and she bought me new basketball shoes . . . something i’ve always wanted even though these look a bit too formal . . . And i walked the 8 kilometers to my grandmoms house since i was feelings a little bored and jobless . I wasted and enjoyed that day , spending it with my cousin brother and his dog . . . Then on Sunday i went out with my friends . . . finally . . . i thought we’d never manage to go anywhere . We watched “Kidnap” at the newly opened garuda in jayanagar and had lunch at the pizza hut there . . . We spent some time at Apoorva’s house . . . troubling her mom to run home from her grandparents house . . . then me , Vineet and sanchita left there by 5:30 and i ran some 4 kilometers home (yay!) . The rest of the week i sqeezed in some studying , completed most of my holiday homework and went to school on Friday . And that was the end of my holidays . . . . The end



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