Kalavaarahalli Betta

Our eaxms got oevr lsat mdaony and our shoocl finally ddcieed that we ndeeed a break from studies.We were taken to some unknown hill (to me at least) for trekking . In my summer vacations after the tenth boards i’d gone to Wayanad in Kerala for a so-called adventure camp . There we did a lot of hiking and rock climbing which i got used to and enjoyed . I’ve always enjoyed pitting myself against nature and seeing if i can overcome it . This was no different but way way easier than the type of trekking i’d gotten used to at Wayanad . It got a bit boring in the middle since we seemed to just keep going up and i wanted some detours and some laces to climb rocks . Me , Vineet , Praveen , Apoorva and Sanchita just stuck together through the journey up and even while coming down . On the way , in the bus we just sang songs , talked and anticipated the trek. I even saw a friend from DPS and said hi . I’m sure that guy reported to everyone that he saw me . The ascent to the top was filled with incidents and i enjoyed it despite my need for rocks to climb .At one time i found this huge rock and i climbed it and together with the other guys we took some pics. In anothe place i climbed  a 90 degree climb up a rocky wall . The scenery was terrific and i was awestruck everytime as i looked at the surrounding countryside . I’ve always loved and will always will love looking at the world from above . I’m sure that after some 20 to 30 years i’ll look at the world from above , literlayyl . Not that i wanna be an astronaut , its just an innate desire to look at what i see linearly , in 3d and for real . At the peak i enjoyed the breeze and looked at the greenery that exists in such abundance outside the Bangalore City limits . I was filled with joy and experienced a high which is hard to come by daily . The descent was quite eventless except for one incident when i fell while trying to help Sanchita and went sliding with her down the slope . After finishing the hike to the bottom we drank some well deserved coconut milk and  learned something besides physics from my physics teacher . I learnt to break apart a coconut using some rocks and my bare hands ! The remnants of doing that were imprinted upon my hands , they had turned black and i’d got a cut from the coconut fibres . Then we had our lunch and after a short interval we left the beautiful place , heading back to civilisation and all the problems that comes with it , the polluted air , dirty streets , noise pollution , traffic , and the invisible nature . The bus journey back was enjoyable and we all had fun . At the end i felt that void in my stomach that comes when something fun ends . . . . . . But what better way to get rid of it than to eat pizza ! Mum , me and my uncle’s family went to Pizza Hut and enjoyed a filling pizza dinner .I returned home and immediately it was lights out . . . I realised only the next day that i must have been tired . Thats why i was so sleepy . Thats it  . . . . . Bye


Btw . . .. the reason the letters are mixed up in the first few lines is because studies have shown that , so long as u know the word , even if the words in between are mixed up , we can read the word if the first and last letters are the same . Cool , right ? 🙂


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