The Sem exams and BASE test

The first term exams were last week and as usual i hadn’t properly studied for them . . . . .  i mean with my coachin classes for iit-jee and school its hard to study either properly . . . . not that i fared badly in the exams but i get the feeling that had i studied then i could’ve done better . . . . not like i feel bad or something , i’m on top of the world for havin done how i did with how i studied . . . while in dps i always struggled to finish the papers in time but here in nhvps i was surprised when i could finish a three hour paper in less than two . . . i didn’t study at all only for evs and ended up being able to answer all the questions nonetheless . . . haha . . . in the evs class test i managed to get 9 out of 10 and i consider this a great achievement  . . again this was without studyin . . . about the base test . . . for three to four hours on the eve of the base test i concentrated and went through all that we’ve done in base till date . . . thats for the past four manths . . . i ended up managing a measly 34% . . . or so i thought . . . it seems in other base classes the max percentage was 33 or 34 so i was feelin kinda happy and sad at the same time . . . i’m pretty sure i won’t manage to be in the top 50 ranks this time . one can only hope . . . i’ve decided i’m determined to reach iit so from now in i’ll prepare harder and be a bit more planned . . . but its not like i’ll give up the things i enjoy . . . playing tennis , badminton , guitar ,chess and go for quizzes as much as i can, enjoy life with my friends , life would be colourless without these things to add some colour . . . i’m missing something here but i can’t remember what . . .thats it for this post . . . bye


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