Teachers Qwiz …. in my school … NHVPS

Day before yesterday my school ,NHVPS, hosted a very unique quiz . According to our princy “its the only quiz of its kind in the world”…. I’m pretty sure she’s right as usual . . . This qwiz (not quiz the name is actually qwiz ) is for teachers . . . only ! My school has been hosting it for 4 years now but this is my first year so i’m new to the concept . All the 11ths and 12ths were called as volunteers and had to cooperate  with it .Even with this condition several ppl bunked it . . . I was kinda happy we had been called since we had a religious function to take place at home and my mom was tryin to make me stay at home for it . . . School was pretty ok i was coerced into taking care of audience prizes but at least in concession the school gave us lunch from Adigas . Surprisingly our school won first prize and the roar that erupted when the school won almost blew the roof off . . . Every single student present was screaming his/her lungs off . . . It was terrific !!! The feeling u get is amazing . . . For the first time in 4 years the school has won . . .They won Kodak digicams and the school got a new scanner . . . Oh and the quizmaster was Giri Balasubramanium a.k.a Pickbrain . . . We all were wearing formals and with all doors closed we were once again getting baked . . . But my only disappointment was that my old school DPS didn’t participate and i couldn’t meet any of my old teachers . . . All in all i experienced something new and enjoyed needling the teachers i knew tht i knew some of the answers that they didn’t . . .


6 thoughts on “Teachers Qwiz …. in my school … NHVPS

  1. Ambika maam and Rao maam won rite? cool! recently i’ve been shifted 2 ambika maam’s class and she is rocking! well i 2 study in NHVPS………..who r u by d way?

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