Life’s special moments – 15th Aug 2008

The day began like any other day with me trying to get up early at 4.30 am, but eventually waking up at 5.30 am. I practised my speech twice to gain some confidence and then wrote it twice over. I got ready to leave very early by 7.00am, since I was feeling a little nervous and jittery. I wore my new shoes and left finally by 7.30am. I had to wear my new blazer , pants along with new white shirt and tie. The blazer was felt like oven..I was slowly getting baked in it. Reached school by 8 and went to talk to my friends. We had a good laugh at each other and how we looked…stuffed and starched! The parade began at 10. First all the vice captains and captains had stand by NHPVS flag and take oath to uphold its pride and dignity. It was  a proud moment for me…I am the VC of Green House.

Then we went marching around the basketball court, saluted the Chief Guest and got back to our places. Then came the seemingly neverending speeches and songs and finally we were done. My back was almost numb with pain and my legs were aching. All in the rememberance of those martyrs who got us this freedom!! That was the least I could do…

We returned to the class and took many pictures with each other and as a whole class too. Everybody congratulated me and I was feeling at the top of the world.

After sometime the show in the school started and we sat to watch it. I too went up on the stage and gave a speech on Leadership and Responsibility. Apoorva was to speak on Leadership and Power. Both the speeches were accepted well though I felt that I could have stressed some more with a stronger voice. Anita ma’am praised us both. What happened was that mom had told me to stand a little away from the mike so that I wouldn’t blow off the ears of students. I took it literally and stood far and so the speech wasn’t loud enough. I moved closer a little later. I will do better next time for sure. Thus the day ended and I came back home a very satisfied person.


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